Canada is open, diverse, and full of opportunity, so why is it under attack?

The Aristotle Foundation’s first book: From assaults on historical figures to cancel culture and charges that Canada is a genocidal nation-state, the country that every generation and every immigrant built is now facing routine and corrosive attacks.

In this new book edited by Aristotle Foundation president Mark Milke, twenty critical Canadian thinkers dive into the problem: Grievance narratives and utopians who expect Canada’s history to be perfect. 

These authors challenge the naysayers but also show how renewing a Canada where citizens reject divisions based on colour and gender and instead unite around laudable, time-tested ideas will create a freer, flourishing Canada for all.

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The Aristotle Foundation’s first book, The 1867 Project, edited by Mark Milke, contains chapters from 20 distinct authors who make the case for Canada. Feel free to download and share book excerpts.


Part I: Addressing the “J’accuse” crowd

1. The four doctrines of the Apocalypse: Critical Theory and our compromised institutions—Bruce Pardy

2. Cancel culture harms journalists, journalism, and citizenship—Gordon Clark

3. How a professor was cancelled by academic Stalinists on campus—Bruce Gilley

4. The fight against Critical Race Theory at an Ontario school board—David Millard Haskell

5. I know what identity politics does to a nation: I’m from Lebanon—Rima Azar

6. Is Canada systemically racist?—Matthew Lau

Part II: It’s complex: Canada’s cancelled history

7. Carving out a country: From Magna Carta to Confederation—John Robson

8. Sir John A. Macdonald saved more indigenous lives than any other prime minister—Greg Piasetzki

9. How a “Maker of Canada” was framed: The unjust treatment of Egerton Ryerson—Lynn McDonald

10. A crime against Sir Matthew Begbie’s humanity—Peter Shawn Taylor

11. Halifax cancels its founding father: The case of Edward Cornwallis—Leo J. Deveau

12. Struggle and success: A balanced account of women in early Canada—Janice Fiamengo

13. The British colonial achievement and its deniers—C.P. Champion

Part III: Renewing Canada

14. A new challenge for Canadians of any colour: Remixed racism—Jamil Jivani

15. How the Yukon Court of Appeal denied Charter rights to an Aboriginal Canadian—Peter Best

16. Indigenous peoples have a chance, if they grasp it—Joseph Quesnel

17. How teaching the full history of world slavery frees us from selective guilt—Marjorie Gann

18. The problem with Canada’s “woke” self-loathing: A view from abroad—Gourav Jaswal

19. Ideas, immigrants, and the future of Canada—Ven Venkatachalam and Mark Milke

20. Renewing the peaceable kingdom: Why ideas and not identities should matter—Mark Milke