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From assaults on historical figures such as John A. Macdonald to cancel culture and charges that Canada is a genocidal nation-state, the country that every generation and every immigrant built is now facing routine and corrosive attacks…


The Aristotle Foundation Launch Gala with former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott

Who we are

The Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy is a new think tank that aims to renew a civil, common-sense approach to public discourse and public policy in Canada.

Our vision

A Canada where the sacrifices and successes of past generations are cherished and built upon; where citizens value each other for their character and merit; and where open inquiry and free expression are prized as the best path to a flourishing future for all.

Our mission

We champion reason, democracy, and civilization so that future generations can participate in a free, flourishing Canada.

Aristotle Foundation Home

Our unique approach

Our research topics

Our research tackles ideas and policies that harm or help Canadians, democracy, and civil society, with the goal of educating Canadians on the same.

Our analytical approach

We use empiricism and informed history to challenge harmful ideas, claims, and trends and replace them with facts and reason.

Our marketing

Excellent ideas need to be shared. The Aristotle Foundation will market our ideas through every medium possible.

Our target audiences

Aristotle Foundation work will be available to all but one critical goal is to reach 100,000 young adults through social media with facts and informed history.