Why support the Aristotle Foundation?

The Aristotle Foundation exists to make people think.

With your help, we will ensure that facts, history, and common-sense ideas inform policy, and shape democracy in Canada.

For more, download our Case for Support which explains who we are, our vision and our mission.

How much should I give?

The Aristotle Foundation is the “David” up against more than a few anti-reality “Goliaths” in government, education, and the media. 

How much you donate is all about how many “stones” and “slingshots” in the battle of ideas you want to help supply us and your fellow Canadians with. We sincerely appreciate every donation.

How can I donate?

Charitable donations to the Aristotle Foundation can be made online using our secure donor forms or by mail. You may also donate securities.

OPTION 1: Want to donate + get our book, The 1867 Project: Why Canada Should Be Cherished – Not Cancelled? DONATE HERE.

OPTION 2: Want to donate + get a Red Ensign flag keepsake? DONATE HERE.

OPTION 3: Want to donate, but don’t want the book? DONATE HERE.

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Donate by mail

To donate by mail, simply fill out our printer-friendly PDF and send your payment to our mailing address.

Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy
P.O. Box 84014
Calgary, Alberta
T3A 5C4

The Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy is a registered Canadian charity and all donations will receive a tax receipt.

Need help with a donation?


For assistance in making a donation, including banking and securities transactions, please contact the administrator Joanne Birce via our contact form here.


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