Imagine being tortured for your identity. Roy Ratnavel explains his own story and why categorizing others by race, ethnicity or religion is so dangerous.

Roy Ratnavel is a board member at the Aristotle Foundation. His first book, Prisoner #1056: How I Survived War and Found Peace is a bestseller. Roy tells of how he was tortured for his identity, but moved to Canada where he found opportunity and a welcoming country. Working his way up from the mailroom to the C-Suite, Ratnavel’s personal story explains why he rejects identity politics and dismisses accusations that Canada is institutionally racist:

“All around me now, I see these Canadian elites rejecting the same liberal, colour-blind principles that once made Canada such an attractive destination for newcomers like me.”

“Though they are not without flaws, Western societies are the freest and fairest societies ever created by humans. I and the folks like me who have lived and experienced the horrors of totalitarianism and terror can readily attest to this.”

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