Employment opportunity: Data Researcher

The Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy is a new educational and public policy think tank based in Canada.  

We are hiring a data researcher to help champion reason, democracy, and civilization in Canada. We seek to anchor Canadian public life in reality and to do so via facts and informed history.  

Required skills:

  • excellent familiarity with data and statistics, including a working knowledge of various databases to find reliable statistics and data
  • strong analytical skill and proficiency in statistical analysis, with the ability to interpret, organize, and analyze complex data and draw meaningful conclusions
  • considerable attention to detail and accuracy in data analysis and report preparation
  • highly organized and can manage multiple major ongoing projects
  • outstanding proficiency in Word and Excel
  • an excellent writer

Education and experience. Must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in one of the following fields: economics, statistics, finance, public policy, political science, history, or related fields.

The data researcher will be responsible for:

  • Researching, compiling, analyzing and summarizing relevant data and also historical facts in dozens of fields as diverse as education, crime, indigenous issues, statistical cohorts, science, Canadian history, and more.
  • other duties as assigned.

Our ideal candidate in addition to the above:

  • well-read
  • grasps why freedom and responsibility both matter—i.e., the notion of ordered liberty
  • grounded in empiricism: versed in economic reality and anchored in history
  • able to work independently but is cooperative, communicative, and a team player
  • goal-oriented and mission-oriented, i.e., believes in the Aristotle Foundation’s vision and mission
  • described by others as having character
  • believes that the individual has dignity and worth and should be free to flourish

Other qualifications:

  • You must be legally allowed to work in Canada. You must also reside in Canada.

The position:

  • Full-time, starting date TBD.
  • Compensation dependent on experience and qualifications. This is a junior position.
  • You will report to the research director.
  • The Aristotle Foundation is located in Calgary. This position can be remote but data researcher must reside in Canada.


Please send us:

  • Your CV
  • A two-page cover letter (maximum) with one page of links and references.
  • Three examples of data that you have worked with and the end result, i.e., a public policy or academic paper, or study, or column.  
  • Three examples of writing, i.e., a university paper or column or published research paper.
  • Three work and/or character references

Please send your application in PDF form to* info[@]aristotlefoundation.org

(*Remove the brackets, i.e., ‘[‘ and ‘]’ before creating the email address.)

Deadline for applications: midnight April 15, 2024

Due to the volume of replies received, we regret we can only contact those selected for an interview. 

About The Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy

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The Aristotle Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to treating people as individuals.

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